It has been 65 years since the end of the Blood War, between the now combined Cygnus and Leo Kingdoms. Now known as the Orion Kingdom, the new rulers have been critical in rebuilding the world. People are recovering, and moving on from what was before. From the death and destruction.

               Art has recently begun to spring back to life. Paintings and statues, stories both fiction and not, dances and songs. Whether you work with food, wood, metal, cloth, paper, glass, clay, words, your voice, your feet or magic, art related professions are a highly respectable occupation now.

               In the town of Redcove, famous for the way the entire sky and sea go red at sunset, there is a new art gallery opening – the first art gallery in the world. The construction has been long, taking 25 years to build the giant gallery itself, and to collect the art, but it will be finally opening on Saturday, June 3rd.

               There should be no issues. After all, it’s just an art gallery’s opening.

               What could possibly go wrong…?

The Gallery Of Eternal Life

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