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Newspaper, 5/20/876

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The Grand Evergold Art Gallery Finally Opens!

               Twenty-five long years ago, a project began in our humble city of Redcove. A plot of land was bought, for what purpose, you may ask? To build a grand art gallery, the first of its kind!              

               And now, that art gallery will finally open, on Saturday, June 3rd, in just two weeks!

               The Biela Art Gallery is named after the talented artist, Biela Evergold. Five years ago, Biela Evergold unfortunately passed away, due to an apparently unknown illness. To make this tragedy worse, she had no living family, though she was known to have had seven adopted children at one point in time. However, this was not all bad news. Due to having no heirs for inheritance of her belongings, she generously donated all of her works to the gallery, as stated in her will.

               She gave the gallery all of riches, as well. This valuanle donation was crucial to the development of the gallery, which making the projected time go from fifteen more years to a mere five!

               The owner, Raven Blackguard, decided the gallery would be named after the late Ms. Chartene. He also promises that visitors will not be disappointed. There will also be an assortment of pieces from other talented artists, such as the famous artistic pair Ibell Crimson and Garrold Mauve. There are even rumors that a Bronze Dragon assisted the gallery in creating a replica dragon skeleton, made completely from bronze (we are told Bronze Dragons have an awful sense of humor) and enchanted to move.

               We asked him for his thoughts on the opening, and these were his words.

               “Everyone is excited about our upcoming opening. But rest assured, there is something for everyone here! We have countless works, from a variety of artists, not just the marvelous Ms. Evergold! We hope to start the trend for many more galleries, so that art can be seen by the whole world, not just the wealthy!”

               However, not all went smoothly during the art gallery’s construction. During the construction of the gallery, some workers were reported missing, upwards of forty different employees if not more. In addition, several works have been reported missing, though luckily, none of Ms. Evergold’s works were stolen. The local guard was contacted after multiple works were stolen, and have worked with the gallery to prevent anymore thefts.

               Mr. Blackguard had this to say when we approached him about the claims of missing workers, “Some couldn't handle how long this project took, and many of my employees complained about their pay being ‘too low for such a long term investment’, even though every outside source we have gone to agreed that 120 gold a week was quite generous. Many workers also managed to go ‘missing’ immediately after a statue or painting went missing as well! I have no doubts that most of the workers are merely living somewhere else with their ill-gotten wealth.”

               Nonetheless, surely the opening of Evergold’s Art Gallery this coming Monday will draw quite a crowd, and we’ll be there to report on how it goes!

                              -Redcove Headlines


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